Local Radio Works


See how only The Voice Radio Network can put
the power of local radio to work for you.

Locally Owned and Community Minded
The Voice Radio Network is committed to the region’s economic and
cultural progress. Headquartered on Delmarva, our staff understands
the pulse of our communities and develops persuasive messages for
your ideal clients.

Diverse and Expansive Listenership
From classic rock to urban contemporary and Latin pop, our stations
reach huge audience from Central Delaware to the Eastern Shore
of Virginia.

Locally-Produced Programming
For us, radio is about strengthening the local community. One
powerful way we can achieve our vision is with local programming
and local radio personalities sitting behind the microphone taking 
calls from local listeners.

Deep Dedication to Success
Our client’s success is our success, ad spots are expertly produced
to ensure that our clients effectively engage their ideal clients and 
meet their goals.

With The Voice Radio Network, it’s the perfect time to see
how local radio can yield tremendous results for you
business. Ask about our February specials

A locally-owned company proud to call Delmarva home.